Bank safety ratings based upon financial institutions’ Capital Adequacy, Asset Quality, Management, Earnings, Liquidity, and Sensitivity (CAMELS)

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Bank Address: 2 KELLI COURT , CLINTON, IL, 61727

Our Latest Rating: 4 or

We derive our ratings based upon the following factors. Click the Details link to see the description of each factor. Click the Distribution link to see this bank’s value relative to all the other banks for a selected quarter. Click the Time Series link to see the changes of this factor over time both in terms of its original value and in relative ranking. The time series chart also displays the rating history of this bank.

Definition Action
Provision for Loan & Lease Losses as a percent of Average Assets
Net Income as a percent of Average Assets
Average Interest-Bearing Funds as a percent of Average Assets
Retained Earnings to Average Total Equity
Other Real Estate Owned
Total Assets
Loan & Loss Allowance as a percent of Average Assets
Total Liabilities (Incl Mortg) as a percent of Average Assets
All Common & Preferred Capital as percent Average Assets
Net Income as a Percent of Average Bank Equity Capital
Bank Equity Capital plus Minority Interests to Total Assets
Excess Allowable Loan and Lease Loss Allowance
Construction & Development Loans as % Tot Capital
Total Commercial Real Estate as % Total Capital
Total Real Estate Loans as % Total Capital
Net Over One Year Position, % Assets
Net Interest Income (TE) - One Quarter Annualized
Provision: Loan & Lease Losses - One Quarter Annualized
Subtotal OREO, % Assets
Total OREO, % Assets
Loan & Loss 30-89 Days Past Due
Total Nonaccrual Loan & Loss
Noncurring Loan & Loss to Equity Capital
Tier One Risk Based Capital to Risk-Weighted Assets
Restructured Loans + Nonaccrual Loans + Real Estate Acquired to Equity Capital + Loan and Lease Allowance
Other Real Estate Owned as a percent of Average Assets
Construction & Land Development OREO, % Assets

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